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Harley-Davidson® Pool Cues, Etc.

HDL-11410.jpg (3725 bytes)   HDL-11410-split.jpg (11460 bytes) Harley-Davidson® Tribal 2 pc. Graphite Cue Stick

Black graphite cues embellished with custom H-D graphics. Graphite construction with non-slip wrap (except where noted).
Dimensions: 58" length.
Available in 19 oz. and 21oz. weight.
Shipping weight: 2 pounds.

Choose Ounce Weight
$89.95 Harley-Davidson® Tribal 2 pc. Graphite Cue Stick  

HDL-11420.jpg (4017 bytes)   HDL-11420-split.jpg (13247 bytes) Harley-Davidson® Winged Wheel 2 HDL-11420   piece Pool Cue

2-piece maple cue features vibrant four-color Harley-Davidson® graphics. Winged Wheel includes black linen wrap and Eagle Pipes has a custom crackle-finish wrap.
Features adjustable weight-bolt system. Adjustable from 19 oz. - 21 oz.
Standard 58" length

$69.95 Harley-Davidson® Winged Wheel 2 piece Pool Cue

HDL-11434.jpg (241507 bytes)

HDL-11434   Harley-Davidson®
Cue/Case Gift Set

Reward your favorite pool player with a H-D Cue/Case Gift Set.

Gift Set Includes:
2-piece 58" H-D Maple Cue Stainless Steel joint with
Black Linen Wrap
 19 oz. - Adjustable weight-bolt system
Custom bar & Shield Bumper
Soft Cue Case with H-D logo
Tip Scuffer/Shaper
2 piece B&S Billiard Chalk
Rules book.
$99.95 Harley-Davidson® Cue/Case Gift Set

McDermott adjustable Cue sticks weights can be adjusted at
any McDermott Dealer. Look in the yellow pages for your local
McDermott Cue Stick Dealer.
We have most cues in stock but if the cue you order is not in
stock it will take 1 to 4 weeks to ship.


Gift Certificates ] New in Stock and Coming Soon - Harley RoadHouse Collection ] Harley Neon Clocks - Prints - Wall Decor ] Harley Bar Stool, Bar Accessories, Humidor, Etc. ] Harley Gifts, Pub Lights, Storage Bins and Mirrors ] Harley Cafe - Pub Tables, Ceiling Fan, Billiard Lamps ] Harley Pool Cues ] Harley Poker Items ] Harley Hooks, Knobs, Drawer Pulls, Pegs, Padlock and Door Knocker ] Harley Outdoor Furniture, Jewelry Boxes and Wood Access. ] Harley Billiard Accessories ] Harley Camping Gear ] Harley Games ] Harley Game Room Accents ] Harley Juke Boxes, Gas Pump Displays, Poker, Pub Tables etc. ] Harley Custom Bars, Tables, Back Bars and Bar Stools ] Harley Dartboard Accessories ] Harley Knives, Pins and Coins ] Harley Collectibles and Memorabilia ] Harley Die Cast Banks ] Harley Figurines and Doll Collectibles ] Harley Pewter Collectibles ] Harley Radio Collection ] Harley Collector Cards ] Miscellaneous ] Ford - Ford Mustang ] Mossy Oak and Budweiser Collection ] Jack Daniels Collection ] Sale, Clearance and Discontinued Items Page 1 ] Sale, Clearance and Discontinued Items Page 2 ] Return Authorization Form ] Ordering, Returns and Contact Info ]

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