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  Buck Knife 5.jpg (127204 bytes)  Buck Knife 6.jpg (122180 bytes)  Buck Knife 7.jpg (148532 bytes)  Buck Knife 8.jpg (103455 bytes)

    Buck Custom Harley Davidson V-Twin Edition I
fixed blade collector's knife that is like Newcomplete withits
 Original glass top Display Case.
 This Super vintage knife is
inExceptional all original condition, and looks just like the
 day it was
manufactured back in 1993 as etched on the blade.
 This was the very first
knife produced in this series Made in
 U.S.A. by Buck Knives in EL Cajon, CA.  

has a beautiful handle, a single fixed blade, measures 8 1/4
 inches over all,
 with a 4 inch series
 Stainless steel.
This knife was built & hand finished by
 American craftsmen.
 This beautiful limited edition knife with
 exquisitely etched Harley scene blade
was only offered in
 1993, and
the knife is just like new!!! 

    It comes complete with its original
wood display box with
 glass lid,
 and the Harley Davidson name etched in the glass.

 This beautiful vintage Harley Knife is in all original condition
as shown, and being a Buck Customseries, each Buck
knife was made with excellent attention to every
detail. This is just one Beautiful knife that any collector would
 want in his or her collection!

    It has been stored in humidified storage and free of any
 smoke or moisture issues. The knife comes complete as shown
 with the
original display box. It's all there, and it's all just like
new! If you are looking for an absolute mint example of this
for your collection look no further, this is one that simply
 cannot be improved on period. Looks as new today as the day
 it was shipped
18 years ago. 

    knife would be a great addition to any collection for  
 anyone collecting vintage Buck or Harley Davidson
 Don't miss this excellent opportunity to add it to your
$649.95 Harley-Davidson V-Twin Edition I Flathead Knife

heritageknikeIV.jpg (15829 bytes) heritage knike IV blade.jpg (14751 bytes)
Harley-Davidson Heritage Knife Edition IV Country Roads 1919 with
Redwood handle. Finely engraved picturing a Country ride in 1919. Made
in 1993 by Buck Knives Inc. Number 2189 of 3000 with Certificate of
Authenticity. Black Velvet Case.

$250.00 Harley-Davidson Heritage Knife Ed. IV

BUCK - WINNING THE 200 KNIFE 1.jpg (81917 bytes)   BUCK - WINNING THE 200 KNIFE 2.jpg (81418 bytes)
Harley-Davidson Heritage Knife Edition VIII Winning the 200 depicts
the Daytona 200 winners Roger Reimam and Mert Lawwill in 1964 Finely
engraved picturing the Daytona 200 winners on their Harleys. Made in 1996
by Buck Knives Inc. Number 2344 of 3000 with Certificate of Authenticity.
Black Velvet Case.

$175.00 Harley-Davidson Heritage Knife Ed. VIII


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