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Harley-Davidson® Dartboard Accessories

HD Scoreboard.jpg (16834 bytes)

® Scoreboard

Keep score on our Harley-Davidson
® Scoreboard. With the trademark Bar and Shield, this dry erase board will fit in any game room or can be used as a cabinet scoreboard replacement.
The Harley-Davidson
® Scoreboard is silk screened to last, in traditional black and orange colors and wipes clean with a dry cloth eliminating chalk dust.
Measures: 7" x 15" (One Scoreboard per package for $14.95)
$14.95 Harley-Davidson® Dry Erase Scoreboard

Harley Davidson Chrome Dart Case.jpg (6056 bytes)  Harley-Davidson
® Chrome Dart Case

Carry your darts fully assembled in the Harley-Davidson® Chrome Case. This case holds two sets of darts with one fully assembled and a pocket for your backup set. The nylon interior includes a foam insert to protect your darts and has six pockets providing ample room for accessories. The H-D® Chrome Case is constructed with a smooth exterior with a quality latch and a silk screened cover making this case uniquely Harley®.
No Darts included.

$39.95 Harley-Davidson® Chrome Dart Case

Harley Davidson Milestone Spark Plug Steel Tip Dart.jpg (13728 bytes)  Harley-Davidson® Milestone Steel Tip Sparkplug Darts

The Milestone series of darts are a Dart World exclusive, bringing a novelty look to the traditional dart set. This Milestone dart is a unique spark plug shaped set of darts and is an ideal gift for any Harley® Rider. Milestone's competition weighting coupled with their surprising throwing performance makes this dart more than a novelty.
4 1/2 Inches in length. Weight: 18 grams. Set of 3 Darts.
To be used on Hard Bristle Dart Boards Only.
$19.95 Harley-Davidson® Milestone Steel Tip Sparkplug Darts

Harley Davidson Freedom Conversion Steel or Soft Tip Darts.jpg (43179 bytes)
61652 Harley-Davidson
® Freedom Conversion Steel or Soft Tip Darts with Deluxe Case

Can be used on Electronic or Hard Bristle Dart Boards Easily Converts Soft Tip to Steel Tip. Comes with 3 sets of Darts, extra Flights and Tips plus Deluxe Dart Case 18 gram.

$29.95 Harley-Davidson® Freedom Conversion Steel or Soft Tip Darts

Key Holder Dart Sharpener.jpg (33508 bytes)
18 Key Holder Dart Sharpener

Maintain Steel Tip Darts by keeping them free of burrs. Darts are less apt to fall out of Dartboard! Key Holder comes with 1 Sharpener.

$4.95 Key Holder Dart Sharpener

Harley Davidson 3 Pack Tail Spin Shafts.jpg (120010 bytes)   Harley Davidson 3 Pack Tail Spin Shafts 2.jpg (44713 bytes)   601 Harley-Davidson® 3 Pack Tail Spin Shafts

Includes 3 H-D Wings. The Tail Spin Shaft is designed to reduce deflection of incoming Darts maximizing scoring potential. The top shaft rotates the wing out of the way allowing for a tighter grouping and higher scores. The Tail Spin is made of anodized aluminum with a free spinning top. Can be used with either Steel
or Soft Tip Darts! One package - 3 pack tail spin shafts.

$8.95 Harley-Davidson® 3 Pack Tail Spin Shafts

Harley Davidson 150 Pack of Replacement Tips.jpg (112205 bytes)
61932 Harley-Davidson
® 150 Pack of Replacement Tips

® 150 Pack of Replacement Tips for Soft Tip Darts. With normal wear and tear soft tip darts become bent or break. They can easily be replaced by unscrewing the old tip and replacing it with one of the new durable and long lasting replacement tips. One package of 150 replacement tips.

$6.95 Harley-Davidson® 150 Pack of Replacement Tips


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